Shiyoon's Photoshop Ink Brush Set

Shiyoon Kim
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Ever since I first worked professionally as a character designer for Disney Feature Animation I simply wanted a photoshop brush that would produce a nice line out of it.  Other artists would share their personal brush sets but there were way too many to use and none of them drew their art purely in line.  I looked up to great line artists from the past like Ronald Searle, Hank Ketcham, E.H. Shepard and always wondered if I could produce the same line quality in photoshop.

After 7 years of development, it's finally available!  These 8 brushes have been personally fine tuned to produce impressive ink lines as close to the real thing as possible.  These brushes are improved versions of what I  used on the Tangled End Credits sequence; which were heavily inspired by Searle and Ketcham. 

For me the best way to test out a photoshop brush is to do a mastercopy of a artist that you like.  I've attached a video showcasing how I use these brushes to study my favorite artists.

PHOTOSHOP CS5 or higher is required*

Please enjoy them and have fun!




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Shiyoon's Photoshop Ink Brush Set

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